Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This is gonna be new for me again......

Well i keep coming on and off of this thing, but i really want to keep up with it. Theres been so much going on with me and mines lately, that things need to get reevaulated and adjusted.....with that being said, i definitly need to at least blog more.

SO the holidays are coming up and theres so much to do, and not enough time in the day to get it done. But hopefully these next few weeks FLY by, i love the holidays, but not so much this year. I have to spend it alone, without my hunny, and it sucks so much. But anyhoot!!!

Some of the things im looking foward to is making CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!! but im also looking foward into doing some DIY crafts. I been "pinning" around and ive seen some pretty neat things that i would LOVE LOVE to try before the year is over......key word, TRY!!!

Like this is from a tutorial on how to make an awesome wreath out of xmas balls. loved iT!!!

eddieross.com via Lorena on Pinterest

so we'll see how that goes. i never do anything like this, so this year might be different. im usually on the more traditional side of wreaths. But i love this one. Just gotta figure out my colors. :)

Well its bed time, got to wake up early to hit the gym!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to get back into this!!!

Oh my geez!!! i dont know how long its been since ive blogged!!! but i really want to start blogging again especially since things are kicking off creativley!! Ive finally moved back to Dallas permantely after being in North Carolina for 5 YEARS!!!! YAY for bigger cities.... :-/

So anyway, ive decided to start off how i started in the beginning with just random thoughts and things im up to, cuz i want to see if i can actually get some followers, but of course i gotta take it slow. But we'll see how that goes!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

So heres to a new start.....AGAIN!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Life Happens...

.....Life....its whats for dinner...right?? Well, i guess. There are just days when i just feel like i cant take it anymore....as in the military life that is. I mean, its great and all...but when James is out there training for this next deployment, i question myself....is it really worth it. I know to some it is, but i do like to have MINES home with me...but it is the career path he chose, so what can i do, until his contracts up, hes stuck. I dont know.....i guess when im lonely i just feel this way. I just cant wait til he gets back home.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

What A Way to Start a Weekend......

It really sucks when your husband is in the military and not to mention gone for a month for stupid training....DAYS LIKE THIS MAKE ME WANT TO GO BACK TO DALLAS!! You would think being in a stupid military town for 5 freakin years you would make friends. It sucks being me right now...it really does. What does a person have to do to get friends...hell...im the nicest person out there and if people dont see that, well then screw them....u can find a friend else where. IM JUST PISSED RIGHT NOW!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Biggest Loser NIGHT!!!

So today Season 9 started of Biggest Loser and OMG it was really good!! I cant wait for next weeks episode!
I wish the twins wouldve stayed together cuz both of them really need to be there. BUt oh well, hes doing sooo good at home!! man, that is motivation right there!! I WISH I HAD THAT MUCH MOTIVATION!! Its there, but i just need a extra nudge!1 thats all. I got Bob to help me out anyway!! :)
So school starts tomorrow....so not ready for that. I like being at home, but i guess its ok, itll make my days go by A WHOLE LOT faster!! I just hope i can pass all my classes and handle work. i really dont want to have to drop a class this semester. Im just gonna have to get my butt into gear!!!
Well, gotta go to bed now....waking up early to make breakfast and fix a snack so i can get thru tomorrow morning, cant be late on my first day of school!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Feet Hurt!!

So i went back to work today, and man i really didnt want to. Im surprised the kids didnt act up like they usually do, especially those that werent there for the past 2 weeks!!! Oh well. I thought about it, and i really like my job. I like those kids. Im glad someone can look up to me.
Anyway, its been 3 days since James left, and i still havent heard from him. I hope hes ok. i know things werent going so great for him, but hopefully he gets to call or email me soon. I really miss him. It hasnt hit me yet. I know its different when hes gone gone and then when hes just gone for training. I can handle a month without him. (plus it gives me alone time...hehe) I hope i hear from him soon.
Today me and Racene started our "let eachother know what we eat" day. Its been going pretty good for me. Hopefully shes staying on it. I know she had a pole dancing class toinght, im sure shell call me to let me know how it went. :) I wonder if Diana didnt back down and not go with Racene. :( I wish i could do classes like that. Im sure i would if i were at home in Dallas. Hopefully i can whenever i go back home for good then ill definitely have a workout buddy!!
My project 365 is coming along, i need to take a picture of something today before i get behind on it!!! i really want to see how my year goes. :) Well, thats all i got, not gonna lie, gonna play some online games and then watch tv for a lil bit, and then get ready for tomorrow and do this ALL OVER AGAIN!!! BYE!